How to use this software

mplayer-tru is based on MPlayer - The Movie Player, so it is an enhancement to mplayer.

Note: You can replace all `mplayer` to `gmplayer` in the following text for GUI version of mplayer.

Launch from command line

The syntax is

player URL

player could be mplayer, totem or xine.
URL is in the form:


For mplayer, URL should be encoded in the same encoding as the vod server, mostly GB2312
For xine-lib based players, URL should be encoded in the same encoding as your locale

Launch mplayer-tru from browser

For Mozilla Firefox users

You can install the ComicView extension in Mozilla Firefox, to launch mplayer-tru from Mozilla Firefox.
After install the extension, it need to be configured.
In the Mozilla Firefox extension dialog, click the option button of ComicView extension.

For Internet Explorer in win32 users

You can launch mplayer-tru from Internet Explorer by follow steps
  1. Close all IE Window
  2. Use the Command Prompt, and go to C:\MP
  3. Type "regsvr32 xnethlpr.dll"
  4. Import C:\MP\install.reg
  5. Reopen IE, and have fun.
Currently the Browser Helper Object is a modified helper from netplayer. It will be rewritten, due to limited time. Logo Support This Project
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